My animals

I am currently keeping 4 Sanzinia madagascariensis of the light green variant.

Toamasina aka Toa (male)

The male from our first breeding pair, that we took over from Simon Christensen here in Denmark. He originates in Germany, born in 2004.

He is a lovely boy of about 1300 g, with a nice bluish hue to his green colour.

Mr. Sanzinia aka Mr.S. (male)

This is our “big boy” from 2001. He weighs in at about 2.5 Kg., and has a high degree of white, and a nice light green colouration.

He is also the father of our female Miranda. Both of these come from Jens Kreiling in

Germany. We bought Miranda first, in the spring of 2008, and then Jens offered us the father later in the year when his breeder-female died of old age.

Miranda (female)

Miranda the day we purchased her.

Miranda is from 2007, and is currently our only female after we lost our breeder-female to long term illness during late summer 2009.

We found Miranda at the Hamm show in march 2009, and were immediately stunned by her special “marbled” patterning.

Sinus (male)

Our young 2009 male Sinus

Our little youngster from 2009, bought at Hamm in September. It will be interesting to see how he develops. We chose him, primarily, for his nice patterning on the head.